Idea for a UBI burn mechanism 🏆

I have a idea for a UBI burn mechanism. A social club for top UBI burners (Donors). Being a member of the club would become high status. But that high status would have to be earned via UBI burning. Incentivising excess wealth to be redirected to the poorest in society. The club can create further incentives for new members and therefore top UBI burners by rewarding them with status symbols, upon entry into the club and in their honour. For example, music, clothing, art, statues, rites of passage ceremonies, parties, dinners, outings, decorations, medals and badges.

Would love to know what people think. Thanks :trophy:

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This sounds great!! Let us think of cool names for such a club.

Also would you be able to help on any of this? UBI on Optimism? :grinning:

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Sorry still pondering this idea. Still bit undecided on the ethics of a club only open to people rich enough to donate large sums of money. Even if it is to support society. Top UBI burners would have to have a cut off every year where we dissallow donators bellow that :confused:. What do you think? :face_with_monocle:

@santisiri check this out!