Privacy Concerns - I can see registry of people

Hello community,

I genuinely want to know if being able to see other people’s registry (their video & pictures along with the wallet address) is okay. Currently it seems anyone can visit the website and see your face, voice, and the wallet address. I want to understand how come other people are okay with exposing so much information.

Do not get me wrong, I believe the idea is great, and proof of humanity is much needed especially in this space filled with bots. I almost proceed to register, but given the privacy concern, I decided not to at this point.

I would like to know

  • Am I missing anything, or misunderstanding how it works?
  • Why is it open to public, meaning everyone can literally use it to find your face, voice just by wallet address.
  • Why not use DIDs?

I believe other people in this space are quite concerned about privacy, and this is way more of a DOX than any other social media data handlings.

I am on full positivity, so I believe someone in the community could enlighten me, or correct my understanding! Thank you very much!

Because I believe DID only proves you own and control the address. I believe you can program bots to do the same thing. Send a MSG saying I own this account. That would not prove you are human. Before you know it every bit would be claiming all the ubi leaving nothing for the community participating and also leaving the price of ubi worthless after the bots dump and taking all the liquidity. It’s a good way to ruin this project in a flash. If you have a better suggestion on how to prove humanity without exposing faces I’m all ears.